Sunday, 29 April 2018

Nintendo switch review

Hello gamers! Welcome to gamers HUB the blog for gamers. Now I know this post is about 2 years late but I was thinking about doing a Switch review once I got my switch but the blog went down down hill! Back to the Switch. I got my switch about 10 moths ago and have enjoyed every bit of it from destroying trees in Stardew Valley to shooting squid in Splatoon. You can get enough but it does have its flaws like its TV station. The dock also can scratch your screen; in the first 6 months of owning it I got two scratches so I suggest getting a screen protector. Buying a hand held is very risky in a way; it can be very easy to damage and the screen can crack if you aren't careful. Also, I dont like that only Nintendo games were the only games at the time of release, but I've got to say Nintendo did do better than the Wii U this time. Maybe next time round Nintendo might consider crafting a screen out of material that is scratch resistant. Now I would like some big games like Fortnight of Pug G of Sea of Thieves but time will tell. I haven't forgotten about Labo and its cardniss 

and cus i dont have the mega mushroom pic ill just rate it out of ten.
well it hard i mean i rely like it but it is a bit of a problem some times i rate it 8/10
comment your vote and tell us what to rate next. well gamer out. 

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